These are the two factors that PC-Photography uses for the production of its images and are also the foundations of all the courses. Apart from providing an accurate technical knowledge that is indispensable for giving structure to our inner visions, special emphasis will be given to the stimulation of our own creativity. Photography then becomes an expression of ourselves and of our view of the world, so that we will see beyond the pure materiality of things and be able to grasp and portray its essence.


The teacher

In a world where everyone acts as teacher, Pietro Cenini is one of the few Photography and Photoshop teachers with over 20 years of specific experience and with a recognized qualification (by the Italian Ministry of Education). After his studies in California and numerous photographic appointments by the United Nations, Pietro was a full professor of Photographic Technique at the Aldrovandi-Rubbiani Institute for Graphic Designers in Bologna from 2001 to 2011.

Since 2006 he has held courses in Photography and Photoshop in northern Italy (where he is normally based) as well as in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Ethiopia, Brazil and Great Britain. In 2015/2016 he was based in Scotland where he carried out an annual photographic research project on photographing the process of creation in painting.

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Photography Courses

PC-Photography offers 11 different types of photography courses of various levels. Many courses are conducted in two different ways, always with the identical content. For example, a one lesson per week course could be offered in a more intense version and followed for a week, for a weekend, or even for a single day, for that matter. Workshops on the other hand are short courses on very specific subjects.

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Photoshop Courses

PC-Photography offers 8 different types of Photoshop courses, ranging from the most basic (for those starting from scratch) to those involving highly sophisticated techniques.

PC-Photography takes a very soft approach to photo retouching and is particularly respectful of the original shot. For us, the integrity of the photograph is of paramount importance, therefore we teach to the principle that the picture appears unaltered, even when significant computer work is involved.

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Other activities

PC-Photography also organizes the following activities:

-Photography Outings on generic or specific subjects, reserved for those who have already attended a course.

-Follow-Ups on both Photography and Photoshop, with the aim of strengthening and maintaining content that has already been learned.

-On-line lessons for comments and advice concerning photographic work, professional assistance with Photoshop, etc, given to registered students of PC-Photography.

-Photography teacher for individuals or groups. For travellers who wish to be accompanied and guided by a multilingual, internationally savvy, photography teacher.